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WINTER 2017/2018

This winter, help us #KeepSyriaWarm by providing warmth and comfort to families in Syria throughout the coldest months of the year

Winter is the toughest time of the year for Syria's internally displaced, as the low temperatures make all their daily struggles, even more challenging. Many internally displaced families are residing in tents, not built to survive the harsh weather conditions that come with winter. For families who are lucky enough to live in homes, the lack of insulation and power for heating makes living conditions extremely difficult.

Winter 2017

We've already begun distributing Winter supplies (such as blankets, clothing, floor coverings) to internally displaced families ahead of the season, but with the weather only set to get colder, we need your help to reach more families in need before the coldest nights arrive.

Winter 2017

Please help us #KeepSyriaWarm this winter
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