We need you

Volunteering your time and skills is really valuable to HIHFAD and the work we do. Just as the situation in Syria is always changing, so too are the things we need help with.

Giving your time and skills

Here are some of the best ways you can make a difference:

  • Helping out in the office (from administration through to marketing)
  • Offering your skills to help us (from photography to leafleting for us)
  • Sharing online (particularly if you have a large social media following)
  • Volunteering in person (at our many events in the UK and beyond)

Sharing your expertise

We also appreciate that many of our followers are talented, reputable leaders within their spheres of work or study, and if you would like to collaborate on a presentation or awareness session, our team are more than happy to discuss - please get in touch with our Media and Advocacy Team in the UK at info@hihfad.org.