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The Unity Convoy is back with it’s mission to save lives with much needed medical aid.

As the Syrian national health system has been devastated by the conflict. More than half of all hospitals and medical facilities in the country have been destroyed, access to healthcare is scarce for most citizens. As the fighting intensifies, the need for ambulance services grows more acute.

Unity Convoy

Since 2017 once a year the Unity Convoy Volunteers embark on a 2000 mile journey from Dover to Luxembourg to Belgium to Switzerland to Italy to Greece and then to Bulgaria to send ambulances to Syria! In Bulgaria the ambulances are passed onto our team where we ensure they arrive safely to Turkey and finally to Syria providing them to medical facilities on the ground.

In April 2017, Unity Convoy provided the largest ever ambulance convoy to Syria. Initial findings of data from ground indicate approximately 8,500 patients were served in a period of 6 months through 50 of the ambulances sent.

Unity Convoy

In 2018, Unity Convoy set out again with the aim of providing emergency response vehicles and medical aid inside Syria. It was another success with thousands of people being served with essential and sometimes critical medical aid.

In 2019, a convoy of ambulances will be departing from the UK in July 2019, travelling by road through Europe and heading for the Bulgarian border with Turkey. To complete the final leg of the convoy, the ambulances will be handed over to our team, who will deliver and distribute the ambulances inside Syria.

Unity Convoy

The Unity Convoy is a wonderful example of the great results that can be achieved through both determination and strong partnerships. We partnered with a host of other charities to bring the vision of the Unity Convoy to reality, and soon, the Syrian medical sector will be in possession of new ambulances, enabling them to save countless lives.

Please help us reach our target https://www.muslimgiving.org/unityconvoy3


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