As we approach the blessed season of Eid-ul-Adha, we remember the profound act of faith demonstrated by Prophet Ibrahim (AS). In honor of his unwavering devotion, HiHFAD invites you to take Qurbani, extending compassion and solidarity to our brothers and sisters in Syria.

Over the past decade, the landscape of Syria has been marred by conflict, leading to immense suffering and displacement. With over 6.8 million people internally displaced and countless families fractured by distance and loss, the need for humanitarian aid has never been more critical. The dire circumstances have left many without necessities, struggling daily for food and safety.

Your Impact: This Eid, you have the power to transform lives. By contributing to our Qurbani appeal, you ensure that a warm, nutritious meal reaches those who have long forgotten the comfort of a fulfilled appetite. Every donation provides not just food but a message of hope and togetherness.

Follow the Sunnah of Prophet Ibraheem (AS) Ready, packaged, and delivered, to our families in need.

  • Small Animal: 35kg+ @ £175
  • Large Animal: 55kg+ @ £295
  • Cow/Bull: 450kg+ @ £1550 (One share: 64kg @ £221)

Sacrifice is the nourishment without which the tiny seeds of Iman will not grow into mighty, leafy trees, providing shade and fruit to the countless caravans of mankind (Ibrahim 14:24-5).

As well as your obligatory Qurbani, you can also follow the Prophet’s practice of giving an additional Qurbani on behalf of the Muslims who cannot afford to do so. This will help us reach more families in dire need.

Every contribution, no matter the size, plays a pivotal role in our mission. Your support allows us to deliver these gifts directly on the ground inside Syria, ensuring that aid reaches those who need it most.

Together, we can bring hope where it’s needed most.