Syria Qurbani 1443 - 2022

In Syria, we have witnessed nothing but the widespread destruction of an entire country. Hundreds of thousands of families have been torn apart, separated through distance, destruction and death, and the people of Syria have suffered in unimaginable ways.

With more than 6.9 million civilians internally displaced, and more than half the population in urgent need of humanitarian assistance, the situation is unbearable. For many living there, the thought of a warm, cooked, nutritious meal has become a distant memory, as they struggle to find enough food to survive.

Follow the Sunnah of Prophet Ibraheem (AS) Ready, packaged, and delivered, to our families in need.

Full Qurbani 55kg+ £170 
Large Animal 800kg+ £2000

This Eid, extend your hand of generosity and help us reach those who need our help the most. We’ll be distributing your Qurbani gift directly on the ground inside Syria. The two Eid festivals are the holiest events on the Muslim calendar. Also known as the “Festival of the Sacrifice”, Eid al-Adha is considered the most important of the two Islamic Eid festivals.

It commemorates the famous story of the willingness of the prophet Ibrahim (In the Christian Old Testament known as Abraham) to sacrifice his son as an act of obedience to God’s command. However, before Ibrahim carried out the heartbreaking request, Allah provided him with a lamb for him to sacrifice instead.

To honour this great event, an animal is traditionally sacrificed and divided into three parts in an act known as “Qurbani”. One part of the animal is given to the poor, one to the immediate family at home and one is reserved for relatives.