HIHFAD has specialised healthcare services including a dialysis unit and Intensive Care Units in hospitals, in addition to centres that provide physical rehabilitation and Mental Health Psychosocial Support (MHPSS).

Physiotherapy and Psychotherapy Support Services: Physiotherapy, psychotherapy support, and situation management services are provided by 28 teams (50 personnel) in Idleb, Afrin, Al-Bab, Al-Rai and Daret Izza regions (2 facilities). The medical team consists of a physiotherapist, nurse, and psychologist. 3 monthly visits are made to each patient who cannot come to the centre. Necessary for the family to treat the patient, treatment training is also provided.

Amanaz Centre: Equipped with physical therapy equipment, our staff consists of six physiotherapists that provide over 1,200 physical therapy sessions for over 120 patients on a monthly basis. The centre provides referrals for amputation patients and free prostheses alongside transportation services

Al-Bab Rehabilitation Centre: In addition to rehabilitation, the centre provides referrals for amputation, providing them with prostheses free of charge.

Physical Therapy Mobile Teams: Door-to-door physical therapy treatment for patients unable to visit rehabilitation centres. Each mobile team consists of a physical therapist, a nurse and an MHPPS worker in order to provide a comprehensive intervention for patients and their caregivers.