Shelter and NFI

Providing safe shelter

 Over 6.2m people are displaced across Syria. The need for shelter is ever pressing. Through your donations, we are providing people with urgent safe shelter – from establishing displacement and refugee camps, to delivering the vital essentials that make life tolerable.

Giving shelter and hope

Millions have fled their homes – often at a moment’s notice – and are now living in makeshift shelters. Many others have no option but to sleep out in the open, with nothing but the clothes on their back and the little they could carry. Your donations are giving hope to the people who need hope most.

Providing comfort and safety

By carrying out regular needs assessments, our on-the-ground teams share vital information on the ever-changing needs of IDPs within northwest Syria. Then, through our rapidly deployed and highly effective shelter projects, we use your donations to establish safe, secure camps and provide people with the basics necessary to survive.

Answering every need

HIHFAD provide both temporary and durable shelter. Whether replacing damaged tents or restoring homes and community centres, your donations make it possible for us to:

  • Set up refugee camps, and provide tents to families living in open-air environments
  • Deliver monthly food baskets
  • Ensure access to water and sanitation
  • Issue kitchen sets, clothes and blankets for new arrivals
  • Distribute non-food-item kits – containing day-to-day essentials
  • Provide plastic ground sheets, solar kits, mattresses and cooking equipment
  • Refurbish buildings damaged in the conflict
  • Distribute seasonal kits containing items that help people get through drastic weather changes
  • Bread Distribution
  • Cooked meals
  • Read to Eat Kits