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Shared Iftar

Ramadan is a social time, as family and friends gather over iftar meals at the end of a long day's fast. Share the spirit of Ramadan this year and host an iftar, using our favourite Ramadan recipes for iftar, with your friends and family and provide an iftar for families in Syria.

Simply invite your friends and family over for iftar, decorate your home with our Ramadan resources pack and ask your guests to donate what they can into our money box. We will use the donations to fund one of our food kitchens providing hot iftar meals for families living in besieged areas in Syria. Pay in the money you raise online and we'll use it to buy iftar for a family (or families) in Syria the very next day!

All you need to do is invite your friends, decorate your home with the pack and ask guests to donate into the money box. We’ll even provide you with special Syrian Iftar Recipes you can try!

Pledge to host an Iftar, and request your free pack, including Ramadan recipes for Iftar, by contacting us at info@hihfad.org

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