Secondary Healthcare

HIHFAD runs five hospitals located in Idlib aiming to provide integrated medical healthcare services in the region.

Armanaz General Hospital: The hospital was established in January 2020 and designed for emergency service and has polyclinics, an intensive care unit, operating rooms and dialysis departments, providing serious service in surgical interventions. 28 doctors, 29 nurses, 4 laboratory assistants and 5 medical documentations, 15 cleaning personnel, guards and 25 administrative and technical personnel serve.

Atmeh Maternity and Children’s Hospital: A new purpose hospital opened its doors in 2017 to continue providing quality healthcare. The old building of Atmeh Women’s and Children’s Hospital was first launched in 2012. The design of the new building takes into account different needs and efficient quality service. Its capacity has been increased by 50%. The new facility of the hospital consists of 80 beds and 23 incubators. It consists of an emergency, outpatient clinic, delivery room, gynaecology service, paediatric service, operating room, and intensive care unit. 24 doctors, 55 nurses and laboratory workers, 6 midwives, 6 medical documentation, 19 cleaning personnel, 8 security and 21 administrative-technical personnel provide service.

Kafer Takharim Maternity and Women’s Hospital: Established in 2020, consists of 20 beds and 20 incubators. The emergency room consists of an operating room, outpatient clinic, delivery room and laboratory. It pr0vides 12 doctors, 18 nurses, 3 laboratory assistants, 6 midwives, 8 cleaning personnel, guards & 16 administrative and technical service personnel.

Atmeh Charity Hospital: It was established in April 2020, and provides emergency service, polyclinics, and intensive care unit with 4 operation rooms, dialysis departments and surgical interventions by 24 doctors, 44 nurses, 4 laboratory assistants and medical documentation, 14 cleaning personnel, 7 private security and 23 administrative and technical personnel.

Al Quadus Hospital: It was established in April 2020 to provide emergency service through polyclinics, intensive care unit, 4 operating rooms, dialysis departments, 17 doctors, 27 nurses, 3 laboratory assistants and 7 medical documentation staff, 12 cleaning personnel, 6 private security, 14 administrative and technical personnel.