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Campaigns | Save Syria's Hospitals

We’re one of very few agencies working inside Syria

Systematic targeting of medical facilities and ambulances, has resulted in more than half of all public medical facilities being forced to close, or rendered useless in Syria.

The Union of Medical Care & Relief Organization (UOSSM) found that in 2016, hospitals in Syria sustained a total of 1004 direct & indirect attacks. On average, each hospital was struck 7 times in an indirect attack, and was specifically targeted an average of 2 times during the course of the year.
Syrian child with ambulance

Many hospitals have been forced to close their doors due to a lack of staff and resources, in 2016 UOSSM found there to be a ratio of just 2 doctors per 10,000 civilians. Many hospital buildings have been damaged beyond repair, and others repurposed as temporary shelters for internally displaced families.

The medical sector in Syria is in a deep crisis. With so few doctors left, and a limited number of hospitals open and struggling with shortages in supplies and constant airstrikes – thousands of people in Syria are left without medical care, in a country with a rising number of severely injured people & casualties. 6.1 million rely on the countries struggling medical facilities – and those are the ones with access.

Since we began working in Syria in 2011, our prime focus has always been the medical sector. In 2012 we opened the doors to our first purpose-built hospital, and the first Neo-Natal unit in the whole of the North of Syria.

Syrian child with ambulance

Atmeh hospital for Women & Children has become a vital life line – so much so that we are currently in the process of completing construction work on a brand new hospital building that will enable us to keep up with demand.

In addition to Atmeh hospital for Women and Children, we have three other hospitals, specialising in women & children, trauma or general surgery. We also have a mobile medical unit that can travel to different areas to provide treatment, as well as a clinic. We also support 20 makeshift hospitals & clinics with medical consumables on a regular basis.

All our hospitals provide free medical care and treatment to civilians

Syria may filter in and out of headlines every few months, but the crisis only worsens day by day. We urgently need funds to help these hospitals stay up and running.

Your contributions towards our medical relief projects will enable us to save countless lives, and to continue to provide free health care & treatment to the injured and sick inside Syria. Donate Now!


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