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Campaigns | Ramadan 2019 - Every Meal Together

The month of Ramadan is upon us and over one billion Muslims around the world gather with friends and family each evening to share a joyful and peaceful iftar.

In Idlib, Syria Ramadan this year is a time of fear and destruction. As hostilities escalate, civilians are coming under attack. In the past two weeks alone 150,000 people have been displaced in Idlib, with 9 schools bombed and 7 hospitals destroyed, including the HIHFAD hospital in Kofr Nobl which was hit by six targeted airstrikes on the eve of Ramadan killing 2 patients and halting medical services to a population of over one million civilians.

Patient Evacuated
A patient is evacuated from his hospital bed to safety between airstrikes.

Our Ramadan campaign will continue despite these atrocities. We will not abandon the people of Syria when they need us the most. This Ramadan we will be distributing dried food baskets and cooked meals to internally displaced families, many of whom have lost everything and are living in dire conditions with physical and psychological injuries. The baskets contain all the essentials needed to cook healthy Iftar recipes for a family throughout the month of Ramadan for just £30.

HiHFAD has also set up kitchens where our staff cook fresh and nutritious Iftar meals for families in need using traditional Ramadan recipes. This is only made possible through your support, so please consider supporting an entire family from just £5!

We will feed as many families as possible, reaching those most in need to ensure they are able to break their fast with healthy, hot meals.

Syrian Bombing

Add your hand to ours and join in the spirit of Ramadan and share #EveryMealTogether with the people of Syria.

For more information about the significance of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan and what we use donations for check out our Ramadan Explainer page.



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