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Campaigns | Ramadan 2017

The holy month of Ramdan is at our doorstep, and for the people of Syria, this month will mark their 7th Ramadan living in a state of war.

Streets that were once lined with colourful lanterns and twinkling lights to welcome the holy month are empty, dark and abandoned. The echoes of laughter and happy conversations that once poured into the streets through open windows and balconies as loved ones gathered for their evening meal, have fallen silent.

Today, millions of families across Syria are far away from home, some witnessing their first Ramadan as refugees in other countries, others, huddled together in small tents, or living in makeshift shelters - internally displaced in their own country. For many, their prime focus will be finding food to feed their family with at the end of each day.

This Ramadan, we're focusing our efforts on providing families in Syria with food throughout the month.

Ramadan 2017


Two years ago we trailed our first Ramadan food kitchen, which will back for 2017.

We'll be providing hot, freshly-cooked, wholesome Iftar meals to families every single day in Ramadan through our food kitchens in besieged Damascus, Homs, and Idlib.

It costs just £4 a day to provide a cooked meal to a family.

Cooked meals are ideal for families living in besieged areas and temporary shelters as they often have limited access to food, gas for cooking and supplies.


In some areas, we'll be distributing food baskets that contain food staples, such as rice, pasta, oil, etc - to feed a family for the entire month of Ramadan.

It costs £50 to provide a food basket to feed a family of six for the month of Ramadan.


We'll be accepting payments of Sadaqah and Zakat through the month, as well as Zakat Al Fitr payments in the lead up to Eid Al Fitr.


Want to make the most out of Ramadan iftars and gatherings you host in your home? Check out our Every Meal Together initiative!

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