RAMADAN Yemen 1443 - 2022

Nearly 20.7 million people in Yemen can’t afford to meet their basic needs. However, they continue to face the largest humanitarian crisis in the world, with more than half the population facing acute levels of food insecurity. Yemen depends on imports of almost all its food and essential commodities, and the collapse of its currency has led to skyrocketing food and other commodity prices and reduced households’ purchasing power. (Source: Human Rights Watch).

The conflict intensified in 2021 with 49 districts in Yemen directly affected by active front lines, up from 35 at the start of 2020. Over 4 million people are internally displaced due to the conflict. The Covid-19 pandemic worsened the humanitarian crisis. Civilians across the country suffered from worsening economic conditions and a lack of basic services.  (Source: Human Rights Watch).  

Acutely Malnourished Children: 2.25 M / Acutely Malnourished Pregnant and Lactating Women: 2.1 M

HIHFAD is distributing food baskets, cooked nutrious meals, clean water and bread to internally displaced families inside Yemen.

  • Hot cooked Meals enough for 5 people = £7
  • Food baskets = £45 
  • Bread bundle per family = £1
  • Clean water tank per family = £25

We will feed as many families as possible, reaching the neediest to ensure they have food to break their fast with on the nights of Ramadan. Put your hands with ours and join in on the spirit of Ramadan, and let us share what was given to us with our brothers and sisters in Yemen.

Let’s revive the spirit of generosity and share our blessings with the people of Yemen this Ramadan.

*If you are making a donation to a specific item (i.e food basket), please mention it in the comments section of your donation*