RAMADAN SYRIA 1444- 2023

This Ramadan 1.9 billion Muslims around the world will abstain from food and drink from dawn to sunset in a month long act of worship.

For Syrians, this Ramadan is the 11th living in a state of war. Streets once lined with colourful lanterns and twinkling lights to welcome the holy month are now empty, dark and abandoned. The echoes of laughter and happy conversations that once filled the streets through open windows and balconies as loved ones gathered to share their favourite Ramadan recipes for Iftar evening meals, have fallen silent.

Today, millions of families across Syria are far away from home, living in makeshift shelters – internally displaced in their own country. For many, their prime focus is finding food for their family, often having to choose between food and vital health or education needs.

HIHFAD is distributing food baskets, cooked nutrious meals, clean water and dates to internally displaced families inside Syria.

  • Hot cooked Meals enough for 5 people = £5
  • Food baskets = £30 (5 K.G of Rice, 2 K.G of Butter Oil, 2 liters of Sunflower Oil, 1 litre of Olive Oil, 4 K.G of Green lentils, 3 K.G of Red lentils, 4 K.G of Bulgur, 1 K.G of Tahini Sweets, 5 K.G of Sugar, 0.8 K.G of Tomato paste, 1 K.G of Chickpeas and 1 K.G of Vermicelli.)
  • Dates package of 3 K.G per family = £6
  • 36L of clean water per family = £3

We will feed as many families as possible, reaching the most needy to ensure they have food to break their fast with on the nights of Ramadan. Put your hands with ours and join in on the spirit of Ramadan, and let us share what was given to us with our brothers and sisters in Syria.

Let’s revive the spirit of generosity and share our blessings with the people of Syria this Ramadan.

What Kinds of Things Does Zakat Pay For?

We’re also accepting Zakat, Fidyah and Kaffarah payments for Syria. Contribute any amount of Zakat, and be rested in the knowledge that your Zakat will have a huge impact on the lives of people in Syria!

What kinds of things does Zakat pay for?

Zakat this year will be used towards Iftar meals for the most needy inside of Syria in the spirit of Ramadan, to ensure those who are fasting are able to break their fast in peace. There’s no better time of the year to pay your Zakat. Reap the rewards of these blessed days and pay it towards helping some of the most needy people in the world. Donate your Fidyah or Kaffarah.

*If you are making a donation to a specific item (i.e food basket), please mention it in the comments section of your donation*