The #GiveHopeThisRamadan campaign gives you the option of not only feeding fasting a person in Syria but also the opportunity to change their lives. Please Donate today.

Feed a fasting person and provide a person with a disability with an assistive item.

The crisis has unfortunately led to 79% of men and 83% of women over the age of 54 to have a disability. Over 80,000 civilians now need a prosthetic limb.

Just like every Ramadan we will be distributing food baskets and cooked meals to internally displaced families, many of whom have lost everything and are living in dire conditions with physical and psychological injuries. The baskets contain all the essentials needed to cook healthy Iftar recipes for a family throughout the month of Ramadan.

We will also be distributing with your kind donations 3KG dates and 36 litres of clean bottled water per family.

Multiply your rewards, feed the fasting and change their lives.



Riyad had no choice but to flee his home as it was bombed in an airstrike. It was nothing short of a miracle that Riyad made it out alive with his family.

"I never expected to leave my home and livelihood and end up living in a small tent that someone gave me. With Ramadan approaching, it breaks my heart that I cannot provide for my family and secure the necessary food to break our fast."

HIHFAD distribute food baskets every Ramadan to support the thousands of displaced people in the camps to relieve some of their sufferings.

"I hope the crisis ends so we can all go back home and live in peace once again."

A small tent and an empty plate. Yesterday our breakfast was oil with dry bread and water only.

Shelia was forced to leave her hometown in 2015. They found a school they could live in the countryside of Aleppo, Atareb. Shortly after, a bomb targeted the school, and Shelia lost her husband. Shelia and her two children survived the bombardment.

"I lost everything when I lost my husband; I have no money to spend on my children and me."

Shelia and her children now live in a small tent.

"We have to go days at a time without eating; if we manage to get any food, I feed my children only. I kept praying that we would receive any form of help during the month of Ramadan."

HIHFAD work extremely hard in the month of Ramadan to ensure thousands of displaced families in the camps receive cooked meals for Iftar in addition to distributing food baskets, water and dates.

"Thank God HIHFAD were there and provided us with meals last Ramadan; the children were so happy."
"I wish I could go out and have coffee in the yard and speak to my family and neighbours. I not only lost my job due to the crisis, but I also became paralyzed alongside suffering from impaired hearing due to a bomb that targeted our village and changed my life forever. "

Manan is 79 years old and lives alone with his wife in a house consisting of two rooms with a kitchen. Water and electricity are not available because they are unable to pay the bills. Manan receives a retirement salary, but it's only enough to buy food for a few days. The lack of funds meant they were not able to seek treatment for Manan either.

"There are many challenges that hinder me at home because I cannot move, and my hearing is very weak. I need a hearing aid and a wheelchair to get out of the house."

Manan is one of the thousands of persons with disabilities who face difficulties moving and integrating within the community.

"Thanks to God, after HIHFAD provided me with a hearing aid and wheelchair, I can go out and move around the house, drink coffee in the yard, see my relatives, talk to them, and hear their jokes".

Multiply your rewards, feed the fasting and change their lives.

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