Qurbani 2021

Follow the Sunnah of Prophet Ibraheem (AS) Ready, packaged, and delivered, to our families in need. Please Donate today.

Over the past decade, we have witnessed the widespread destruction of an entire country.

Hundreds of thousands of families have been torn apart, separated through distance, destruction and death, the people have of Syria have suffered in unimaginable ways.

With more than 6.2 million civilians internally displaced, and more than half the population in urgent need of humanitarian assistance, the situation is unbearable. For many living there, the thought of a warm, cooked, nutrious meal has become a distant memory, as they struggle to find enough food to survive.

This Eid, extend your hand of generosity and help us reach those who need our help the most. We’ll be distributing your Qurbani gift directly on the ground inside Syria.


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Mofidah, at 50 years old, is displaced with her children to Deir Hassan camp in northwest Syria.

“We were forced to leave our beautiful family home to escape the bombardment and destruction. It was demolished as a result of a missile attack.”

Just like thousands of families in Syria, she ended up in a small tent that barely accommodated them in the camp.

“Thank God, last Eid was generous to us after we received meat that HIHFAD distributed in the camp, and my children were delighted.”

In light of the high prices, extreme poverty, and lack of job opportunities, the needs are great. About 6 million displaced people live in northwest Syria.

We aim this year, through your generous donations, to help as many families as possible and to deliver your Qurbani meat to them during Eid al-Adha.


Fatima house was bombed in 2019, which forced her to flee with her family to the Deir Hassan camps in Northwest Syria in search of safety.

With the increase in the expenses and burdens of life, Fatima tried to work, but her severe back pain and the lack of job opportunities prevented her from providing for her family.

Qurbani campaign carried out by HIHFAD every Eid Al-Adha; thanks to your generous donations, we can bring joy to many poor and vulnerable families by preparing portions of packaged fresh meat for distribution.

“Last year, I felt the joy of my children eating meat that had not entered our home for a long time. I felt the joy and happiness filling our tent”

Double your rewards and share your Qurbani with the people of Syria this year.

Let us reignite the spirit of Eid in Syria once again.