Primary Healthcare

HIHFAD manages four Primary Health Centres (PHCs) in Idleb and Aleppo to ensure quality service is delivered to those living in remote areas. These facilities provide a wide range of health services, including women’s and children’s health, non-communicable disease management and medical services for the elderly.

Kalbeet PHC: Located in the Al EMEL camp in Idleb which was established by the Turkish Red Crescent. HIHFAD has started its services in the camp as of April 2018. The centre includes internal medicine, reproductive and paediatric, basic medicines and medical supplies, laboratory, referral services, basic trauma care, community health promotion, mhGAP and PSS services offered to disabled people who cannot visit the centre.

Afrin Mobile Clinic: As of May 2019, mobile polyclinics with units for ocular diseases, dental (mobile), internal medicine, radiology, paediatrics, gynaecology, blood collection, pharmacy, and laboratory services have begun to offer health services in the Olive-Branch region with assistance from the Turkish Red Crescent. These units serve people in areas where health services are hard to access.

Idlib Tuberculosis Treatment Centre: Serving Idleb city centre since August 2019, it is the only centre that provides such services in the region through an examination room, health education room, detective, pharmacy, radiology departments in addition to a general doctors, laboratories, radiology technician, nurses, awareness workers, data entry personnel and a receptionist. 

Kafr Aruk Health Centre: Started to deliver healthcare services in January 2020 by doctors, nurses, medical documentation staff, guards and administrative personnel, the centre is located in the Idleb Kafr Aruk region.

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