Partnering with HIHFAD

 Teamwork, collaboration and partnerships are vital to the success of our work in Syria. Central to our aid efforts is working in partnership with international organisations and NGOs. As most don’t have direct access to Syria, they need to work with us as a trusted Syrian charity to distribute emergency aid to citizens on their behalf.

Collaborating on projects

 The crisis in Syria is too large for any one organisation, thus working in partnership and collaboration is crucial. HIHFAD operates in partnership with a variety of International Non-Governmental Organisations to implement projects on their behalf, as well as receiving direct funding from UN agencies with governmental backing.

Assisting our work

 We are aware that one of the best ways to improve is to collaborate, and so we are always looking for partners, donors and volunteers who may be able to assist us in making our vision of a stable, secure Syria a reality.

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