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Projects | WASH Programmes

The catastrophic damage to infrastructure in Syria has had a massive effect on the sanitation systems in the country.

Many water stations and sewage systems have been destroyed or left abandoned. Waste collection services have virtually disappeared in most cities.

Piles of rubbish are left to rot in the streets, and dirty water has resulted in widespread illnesses and water-born diseases. These diseases are extremely prevalent in camps within the country, where large numbers of internally displaced people have settled, with limited access to hygiene supplies and clean water.

Our Response - How to help Syria

We recognise the importance of WASH in how to help Syria. As a Syria charity we help communities by providing clean water, rehabilitating water networks and sewage systems, supporting water wells, and constructing pre-fabricated washrooms and toilets, including disabled access in camps and communities.

We improve hygiene and sanitation conditions in Syria through numerous rehabilitation projects aimed at restoring sewage systems in cities, the development of water filtration infrastructure, and providing access to clean drinking water.

Our WASH program:

As a Syria Charity we are proud that 1,609,732 individuals benefited from our wash projects in 2017
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