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The Syrian national health system has been devastated by the conflict. More than half of all hospitals and medical facilities in the country have been destroyed; access to healthcare is scarce for most citizens.

Many doctors have been forced to flee the country, leaving the few functioning hospitals understaffed and struggling to care for the large number of people in need of medical assistance. Services provided at the functioning healthcare centres tend to be basic, not the specialized services needed by communities living with complex physical and psychological post trauma needs.

Our efforts in the health care area has focused on establishing and operating hospitals designed specifically to cater for women and children by providing trauma and rehabilitation centres, in addition to dental units. We have established eight hospitals have been established inside Syria over the past 8 years.


HIHFAD runs a network of health facilities providing:
Primary Healthcare - health centres, mobile clinics, mobile teams
Secondary Healthcare - hospitals
Tertiary Healthcare - intensive care units (ICUs), dialysis units

In areas including:
Reproductive Health, Trauma Care, Physical Therapy, Medical Education, Non-Communicable Diseases, Immunization Services, Intensive Care and Dialysis Services. Since its inception, HIHFAD has established durable healthcare programmes and developed its capacity to manage hospitals and specialised units. In 2018 HIHFAD’s strategic priority has been sustainability and complete coverage, with a focus on service quality through networked health facilities covering more than 750,000 people in the catchment of Idlib, Aleppo, and the besieged area formally known as Homs.


HIHFAD is manages four Primary Health Centres in the Provinces of Aleppo and Idlib as well as supporting two mobile clinics to ensure service delivery to those living in remote areas. These facilities provide a wide range of health services, including women and children’s health, NCD (non-communicable disease) and geriatric health services in the following centres:


HIHFAD runs three hospitals throughout Idlib and one surgical hospital in a besieged area north of rural Homs. HIHFAD supports 2 maternity & children hospitals and 2 surgical hospitals. These hospitals provide advanced services including inpatient departments, General and Emergency surgeries, Scheduled Surgeries, reproductive health and childbirth (normal and caesarean). There are outpatient clinics in each hospital providing both regular and emergency consultations.


Thanks to tertiary care provided by HIHFAD through the Dialysis Unit in Kafr Nobol Hospital and ICUs in other HIHFAD’s hospitals, gaps in healthcare provision are partially filled and families no longer need to travel hundreds of miles to have access to advanced healthcare, and patient referral to Turkey was subsequently reduced.

In August 2018, HIHFAD and WHO signed an MOU for HIHFAD to facilitate the importing of medicine and medical supplies through Turkey and to distribute to more than 139 health facilities in Idlib on a monthly basis.

Donations from the UK helped HIHFAD support more than 20 health facilities by providing medicines, medical equipment and consumables, physiotherapy equipment and assistance devices for people with disabilities.

Response in 2018

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