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In the eighth year of war, an estimated 13.5 million Syrians are reliant on humanitarian aid for survival, with 5.6 million in acute need. 4.9 million Syrians are trapped in besieged and hard-to-reach areas, where they are exposed to grave protection threats.

Many internally displaced Syrians live in makeshift accommodation where conditions are dire. When looking at how to help Syria, there’s an ongoing need for shelter, emergency food and water, blankets and living essentials.

As of June 2018 more than 6.3 million people have been long term internally displaced in Syria by the crisis.

As a Syria charity we have unique access in how to help Syria, and provide an immediate coordinated response in the event of emergencies, ensuring beneficiary needs are met. This includes supporting evacuees forced from their homes, the establishment of emergency shelters and the distribution of vital supplies.

As a Syria charity our needs assessment teams are constantly looking at how to help Syria, ensuring we always have supplies prepositioned for humanitarian response, with prior planning, so stocks are positioned and available when there is a need, especially during the winter.

What we’re doing to help

We are a Syria Charity looking at how to help Syria so we regularly carry out needs-assessments in areas with large populations of IDP’s to enable us to provide the exact supplies that are needed at any time. As a Syria charity we also work in partnership with international organisations and NGOs. Most of whom don’t have access to Syria. As they look at how to help Syria they need to work with us, a Syria charity, to distribute emergency aid to citizens on their behalf.

Response in 2018

HIHFAD is able to provide an immediate coordinated response in the event of emergencies. As an organisation, we make sure that pre-positioned supplies are always kept available in anticipation of future needs, especially during the winter. Food, shelter and medical aid are provided to beneficiaries in coordination with other actors.

HIHFAD provide temporary and durable solutions whether that be by delivering tents or by restoring homes and community centres. We distribute NFI kits especially in winter to people living in both houses and tents, and kitchen sets, clothes and blankets for new arrivals and previously registered IDPs.
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