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Projects | Community Empowerment

As a Syria charity we are acutely aware that beyond the emergency needs of those caught in the conflict, the hope and future livelihoods of whole communities have been torn apart. When looking at how to help Syria we see that many Syrians have been forced to abandon their studies or careers. Millions of children have been out of education for the past five years and a generation is growing up illiterate.

We are working as a Syria charity to empower and rebuild lives. This not only means not only ensuring access to clean water, food and healthcare when we looking at how to help Syria – it equally means restoring hope, creating opportunities and fostering an environment that will help rebuild communities. As a Syria charity we want to restore the dignity of the Syrian human being.

Our Response: How to help Syria

As a Syria Charity we are proud to have trained 205 health workers in 2017, including doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, and midwives. How to help Syria is to empower and build the capacity of Syrians to help themselves.
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