Thursday 4th of July: Statement regarding the 3rd attack on Kofr Nobol hospital in Idlib, Syria

It is with astonishment and disappointment that we inform you of the 3rd attack on our surgical hospital in the Idlib province in north west Syria. This is the second time in 8 weeks that our hospital – which has been registered through the deconfliction mechanism as a humanitarian facility – has been a direct target of airborne missiles. The attack took place today, 4th of July, 2 months to the day after the last attack, and the hospital sustained not one but two offensives: the first carried out by military helicopters at 14:52 and the second coming just short of an hour later at 15:40 from Air to Surface Missiles. The attacks were directed at the entrance of the hospital and HIHFAD have had to suspend all services.

Since the start of May, we have witnessed a worrying rise in attacks on the area which has in turn driven a sharp increase in the number of internally displaced people who have been forced to evacuate to areas further in the north. These strategic acts of war are suffocating the local services and traumatising civilian populations who are running out of areas to flee to.

HIHFAD are extremely worried by this attack and fear that the effectiveness of the deconfliction mechanisms put in place to protect health facilities has become inept. We call on the international community to place pressure on the governments and leaders responsible and for international humanitarian actors to hold all parties accountable for their actions. The brazenness of this attack comes days after OCHA published a campaign claiming that the world is watching the attacks in Syria and that civilians are not a target.

We will share more information as it becomes available and appreciate the support and solidarity of our followers and the international community.