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This Ramadan, let’s share #EveryMealTogether with Syria

Sunday, May 8, 2016

The month of mercy and blessings has arrived, this year, let us not forget the people of Syria during this difficult time.

More than 13.5 million people inside Syria remain reliant on humanitarian aid for survival. Entire towns are besieged, leaving residents starving, hopeless and trapped. The beautiful spirit of Ramadan that was once looked forward to, celebrated and welcomed with open arms is all but gone; instead families are split up, across towns, cities and countries. The neighbours homes destroyed and the street vendors who once lined the streets selling Ramadan treats, are long gone. Instead, families have to worry about how they will find food to break their fast with.

This Ramadan we’ve opened food kitchens in besieged areas, where we cook and distribute iftar meals for families in need. We’re also distributing food baskets in other cities in Syria. We are accepting donations of Zakat, Fidyah and Kaffarah – all your donations will go directly towards our humanitarian efforts on the ground inside Syria. Find out more about our Ramadan campaign.

Want to make an even bigger impact this Ramadan? Host an iftar in your home for friends and family and raise funds to pay for iftar for families in Syria. We’ll send you a pack with resources, recipes, decorations and information to help make your iftar a memorable one Find out more about #EveryMealTogether

This Ramadan, let’s share #EveryMealTogether with the people of Syria and show them that they are not alone.