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Surgical Hospital in Kafr Nobol, Syria facing closure without immediate cash injection

Thursday, November 1, 2018
On 8 October 2018 HIHFAD received the unexpected and devastating news that our donor has stopped funding our
Surgical hospital in Kafr Nobol, effective immediately.

This puts the running of a hospital, the only advanced trauma and surgical hospital in a 50km radius, serving an
immediate community of 350,000 people and a wider community of one and a half million people, in extreme jeopardy.

With only very limited unrestricted public funds HIHFAD cannot afford to keep the hospital running for more than
a month. Emergency talks with a second donor has secured gap funding until the end of December, but without
a major cash injection before January 2019, the future of the hospital is perilous.

Kafr Nobol Surgical Hospital in Idlib is unique. The building includes an underground facility allowing for safe and
uninterruptable services, even under heavy airstrikes. That facility was put to the test on February 2018 5 when
the hospital was hit by four targeted airstrikes. The airstrikes destroyed the hospital above ground but the
underground hospital survived in tact and ensured no staff member or patient was injured in the attack.

Our team on the ground worked hard to get the facility running again and now the hospital continues to perform more
than 200 major surgeries each month, in addition to 1,500 trauma emergency services and 120 minor surgeries, as
well as 3,500 outpatient consultations. In addition, the hospital serves approximately 50 patients a month in the
Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and is open 24 hours for emergency cases. Moreover, the Dialysis unit with its 5 machines,
hosts an average of 225 dialysis sessions per month. The hospital has three fully equipped surgery rooms, 32 inpatient
wards, ICU, Radiography unit with C arm, CT Scan, X rays, laboratory, pharmacy, warehouses, 4 outpatients’ clinics,
and two emergency rooms.

The hospital survived the airstrikes and we will survive this funding crisis. But we need your help. The estimated annual
operation cost of the hospital is 1,200,00USD, or 100,000USD a month. With an estimated 58,000 beneficiaries and
133,400 procedures per year, this works out at an average cost of USD20.70 per beneficiary or USD9 per procedure.

For further information please contact our advocacy and donor care manager Claire Hanley at Claire@hihfad.org
or 0041793912573

More information: https://www.hihfad.org/pdf/capacity-statement.pdf