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Hospital operated by British Charity in Syria completely destroyed in targeted attacks in Idlib

Monday, February 5, 2018
Kafr Nobol Hospital in the Idlib governate of Syria, has been completely destroyed by a number of direct airstrikes on the morning of 5th February 2018, says British charity Hand in Hand for Syria. 

“We are devastated to have to close the door of a hospital serving a community of over one million people” says Fadi Al Dairi Hand in Hand for Syria’s Country Director. “The timing couldn’t be worse as this hospital had been supporting victims of the current escalation of ground and aerial attacks in this cruel seven-year crisis. The loss of the provision of these medical services, including surgical and reproductive health services, will have a staggering effect on vulnerable communities affected by this conflict. This was the only surgical hospital within a 50km radius. We deplore in the strongest possible terms the heightened number of attacks on medical facilities in Syria” 

There have been at least 13 verifiable attacks on health facilities in Syria this month, including in besieged Eastern Ghouta, which has witnessed several reported attacks on health facilities since the beginning of January.

Hand in Hand for Syria staff in the field witness endless stories of civilians losing their lives, or being subject to unnecessary health complications due to a lack of access to safe medical facilities. In 2017 alone, there were more than 65 recorded attacks on health facilities, assets, and staff in northern Syria, with 34 of the attacks officially verified by the health cluster under WHO. 

Deliberately targeting of civilian populations and humanitarian workers is a violation of international law and human rights, it is an attack on our common humanity, It must stop.