Dignity in the midst of war

The horrors of war are etched into the lines on the face of Haji Abdulkarim Mohammad Ali, a 67-year-old philosophy teacher and school principal from the town of Dara Azza, Aleppo. When war came, he lost his job and one of his daughters and her child returned to live with him when her husband was killed in fighting as they tried to flee Aleppo.

A diabetic for 22 years with stress-related eye problems, Abdulkarim’s already poor health deteriorated in 2017 as he began to experience digestive issues. Medical tests revealed a malignant tumour in his rectum. Abdulkarim was fortunate to have surgery and miraculously, despite a 5% success rate for the operation, the tumour was successfully removed and Abdulkarim has been declared cancer free.

“It was a weight off my shoulders”, he said. However, his problems were not over, as he has to use colostomy bags on a daily basis. His poor health and lack of resources for the family meant he was not able to source or buy the bags he needed.

Fortunately, the HIHFAD team, with generous support from Welland Medical, were able to perform a check up on Abdulkarim’s health and provide the colostomy bags he needs daily.

Abdulkarim expressed his happiness at the support he has received from the team and for the much-needed medical supplies.