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Dedicated to Syrians in need

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Raghad Shoubaili, 38, has worked as a medical humanitarian worker from the very beginning of the conflict in Syria. In that time, she has faced numerous displacements, separation from her family, and hardships but the pain and suffering of the Syrians she treats is the only motivation she needs to never give up.

Early in the conflict she gave birth to a baby boy while she and her husband were both working as medical humanitarians in El-Kousair district. The situation there was too dangerous for a new born baby, so Raghad moved to Damascus, while her husband felt compelled to stay to continue his vital work.

They didn’t see each other again for four years.
Initially Raghad moved from Damascus to Jordan then Turkey, where she met her parents and family for the first time in many years. However, she couldn’t stay away from Syria and the people in need there, so in 2015 she returned to rejoin her husband in the countryside in Hama and resumed her work in a medical centre.

“I met my husband after 4 years apart. He hadn’t seen our son in all that time. Our happiness at being together didn’t last long as the bombing escalated, and we were forced to move again, this time to northern Idlib.”

“since my return, I have never considered leaving my country Syria and abandoning the sick people and children here. I think of my son, he could become sick or injured at any time and would need someone to help him, I can’t leave others to that fate”

“I now work for Hand in Hand for Syria in the medical center in Kalpid. If I was able to regain anything from the past, it would be my memories from our home in my city Homs where I used to sit with my family and relatives. War has ripped us apart. I pray every day and hope from God to see the smiles on our children faces and see them play peacefully again “