A Lifeline of Hope: Clean Water in Syria

Clean water is often taken for granted, yet it stands as the elixir of life, an inalienable human right, and a cornerstone for thriving communities. Beyond basic hydration, clean water catalyses empowerment and resilience within communities, creating a ripple effect of positive change. In this blog, we delve into the story of Hand in Hand for Aid and Development’s clean water initiatives in North West Syria.

Clean water is a fundamental need that transcends basic hydration. It plays a pivotal role in transforming communities, touching every facet of life. Each drop of clean water sets off a chain reaction, generating transformative effects that extend far beyond its source.

Throughout the months of June and July 2023, Hand in Hand for Aid and Development diligently extended its efforts to provide clean water to a population exceeding 40,000 individuals in North West Syria. An ongoing heatwave had a considerable impact on the region, making the provision of clean water even more critical. However, despite these significant endeavours, the imperative for clean water remains acute, encompassing over 40 camps that are currently in dire need of access to clean water.

Imagine life without clean water for drinking or essential medical purposes – a stark reality for thousands of families residing in camps in northwest Syria. Their survival hinges on water supply from tanks, highlighting the critical need for accessible clean water.

Uncle Hassan’s Story:

“We can’t comprehend how we continue to live under these challenging conditions,” expressed Uncle Hassan, a seventy-year-old man, reflecting on his situation and the hardships he endures alongside his elderly wife. Their journey of displacement began four years ago, leaving their village called Maarat al-Sayyid in the southern Idlib countryside of northwestern Syria. They traversed several villages and towns in the Idlib countryside in search of security and stability, which millions of Syrians have been deprived of for the past eleven years, ever since the war began.

Uncle Hassan continues, “Every humanitarian service offered to us alleviates a portion of the burdens that were once heavy on our daily lives. We hope that anyone who witnesses our struggles, now that we’re in the 21st century, an era marked by civilisations and progress, will not forget us and contribute to easing the weight of life’s hardships for these families who were displaced by the scourge of war.”

In response to this urgent crisis, Hand in Hand for Aid and Development launched an ongoing £1 water appeal. A single pound can provide a family with 1000 litres of clean water, a small contribution that can be the difference between life and death.

Hand in Hand for Aid and Development is unswervingly committed to turning the tide against this water crisis. Through innovative solutions and unwavering dedication, we are driving change across Syria. The transformation of lives is evident as we witness communities thriving under our interventions.

Clean water is a right that should know no boundaries. As we traverse the landscapes of Syria, we witness both the challenges and the triumphs, underscoring the essential need for clean water. Our journey continues, fuelled by your support. Together, let’s create a world where clean water isn’t just a dream but a reality that fosters hope, health, and thriving communities.