A life shattered in a second

 “I am blessed with three children. I worked and I never asked for help from anyone”. Life was good for Abdul Razzaq, a 34 year old man from the Tishreen neighbourhood in Damascus, where he was working in a small supermarket to support his family.

That changed in an instant in 2012 when a stray bullet from fighting that had come to his neighbourhood hit him in the lower spine. He was rushed unconscious to the nearest medical centre where he woke up and realised he had lost sensation in both legs.

“My body was aching all over, except my legs. I asked those around me what had happened to my legs, but there was no answer. I tried to move them but in vain. I then realised that I had been paralysed.” In addition to his paraplegia, Abdul Razzaq also had an intestinal perforation.

After many hospital visits the intestinal perforation was fixed by surgery that resulted in a colostomy and a catheter. As a result, he now needs constant colostomy bags, urinary catheters and urine drainage bags. In 2013 his poor health forced him to leave his home and move with his family to Northern Syria to continue medical treatment.

Despite having medical treatment, moving away from his extended family and support network meant that he didn’t have a carer to meet his daily needs and he developed pressure sores on his back and feet and he was unable to afford his essential medical supplies such as antiseptic liquid for wound dressing, urinary catheters and colostomy bags.

A team from HIHFAD came to check on Abdul Razzaq’s condition. Thanks to support from Welland Medical the team were able to provide the colostomy bags that he needs on a daily basis.

Abdul Razzaq tells us that he was so relieved to receive these medical consumables. “Inshallah, now I can go out to find a job and work, so I will not be a burden”, he says smiling. “Maybe I will get the money to buy an electric wheelchair so I can go out and feel the sun on my face”.

Planning for how we can continue to support our chosen charities in 2019 is already underway and we look forward to sharing updates with you on this during the year.