A Collaborative Field Visit: Strengthening Our Impact in Northwest Syria

We are pleased to have organized our collaborative field visit and welcomed Mr. Robert van den Berg, who serves as the Head of Emergency Response in Syria and Türkiye on behalf of our key partner, Stichting Vluchteling (SV). The senior management of HiHFAD, including Dr. Ahmet Akra, our Chief Operations Officer, and Dr. Muhammad Al-Abbas, Head of Programs and Development, along with administrative personnel and coordinators played a pivotal role in conducting this trip. During this visit, we had the opportunity to tour several facilities operated by Hand in Hand for Aid and Development (HiHFAD) and its valued partners. This allowed us to gain firsthand insights into the challenging conditions on the ground in northwest Syria, given the recent escalation and attacks specifically in the displacement camps.

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Our strategic partner SV has been given a comprehensive overview of our medical operations, healthcare information and archiving system, which begins at our primary warehouses and extends to the delivery of services at various medical and vital facilities which serve as lifelines for hundreds of thousands of civilians in the region. We have been particularly pleased to visit the Primary Healthcare Center in the town of Tuwame, which is supported recently by our partner organization SV. This visit reinforced the importance of our collaborative efforts and the shared commitment to making a positive impact on the ground and provided us with an opportunity to meet the dedicated medical staff there. Looking ahead, we aim to expand this partnership to encompass a wider range of services and additional areas, all geared towards meeting the diverse needs of the affected population in NWS.

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