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Medics on the Move

"Our hospital was bombed to the ground. So we'll bring the hospital to the people."

On Sunday 5th May, the eve of Ramadan, our hospital in Kafr Nobol, Idlib was destroyed in a targeted attack which killed two patients and injured 10s more. It was operating as an underground (‘Cave’) hospital after the overground hospital above it was wiped out by airstrikes in 2018.

Can do Campaign Syrian Hospital

As the fighting intensifies, the need for hospital services grows more acute – as IDPs - people forced abandoned their homes quickly and in terror to avoid the attacks – move into the area.

Many are now living without shelter or crammed into community buildings, without access to adequate care. Among those who have fled are pregnant women, newborns, patients requiring treatment of chronic conditions, and those with fresh wounds sustained as innocent bystanders from the conflict they are fleeing.

Mobile clinics are a last resort, used only when all other means of providing healthcare are exhausted. The situation in Idlib is beyond the last resort. With our hospital and several others destroyed and the number of people needing treatment rising, they are our best option for providing essential medical services..

Unfortunately this type of situation is not new to us. HiHFAD have run mobile clinics in extreme conditions before. We can get vehicles and teams together quickly, reaching people and providing access to healthcare by meeting people where they are.

Can do Campaign Syrian Hospital

Our doctors and nurses will diagnose patients, treat those we can and refer patients with severe needs to the closest hospitals still standing. Our midwives will support pregnant women and new mothers at this most crucial time.

£30,000 will allow us to provide two mobile clinics, reaching 80 patients per day. With your support we can provide people with the basic healthcare they need at this crucial time.

"Nothing will stop us providing essential medical services to the civilian[s]… who have already suffered so much during the past eight years of war” - Fadi Al-Dairi, Syria country director

Can do Campaign Syrian Hospital

What you need to know

What are mobile clinics and why use them?:
You can watch our video showing the difference a mobile clinic can make to people living in camps.

Our funding target:
With over 152,000 newly displaced people to support, we are working to provide aid to as many people as we possibly can with your generous support. The situation on the ground will change day to day. Should we raise more money than is needed for this emergency appeal, we will use ours and our partners’ expertise to discern how to reallocate any additional funds where it is needed most. In this case, contributors will be informed where this money is being spent and why.

Distribution of funds:
Due to the urgency, CanDo has agreed to release funds directly to partners for the specific emergency on a weekly basis based on assessment of needs.

How else can I help:
There are many ways you can use your voice to make a difference:

Convince two other people to support the campaign and you’ll treble your impact.

Share our message and our campaign to #Rise4Idlib tagging journalists, media outlets and socially-conscious celebrities to help raise awareness of the atrocities happening and the need for the international community to respond



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