Malnutrition Appeal

Almost ten years into the conflict in Syria, the situation has become unbearable. Airstrikes have destroyed buildings, hospitals and homes leading to thousands of people losing their lives, as thousands of others remain trapped, searching for a way to survive. Syrian children are living in the world's most dangerous place to be a child and have suffered unimaginable violations. 2.6 million children have been forcibly displaced. In Northwest Syria alone, 26,720 children are acutely malnourished; malnutrition has become a silent killer inside Syria.

Our team on the ground continue to work hard to support children that don't have access to food, clothing, and medication. This includes a medical analysis, necessary supplies, food rations with a weekly follow up with each child for three months. This treatment plan will support children to get back on their feet.

Success Story

After being displaced from their village due to airstrikes and destruction. Amina and Aisha settled into a camp with their family. Although being a family of eight, they only have one tent to fit them all in. The tent has no water, no kitchen and no sanitation facilities.

In the camp itself, there is only one bathroom and one kitchen for everyone. Families in the camp have little to no money, which has led to a severe shortage of food in their lives and the inability to manage their livelihoods. During the winter the tents submerge into the mud, and during the summer the tents overheat.

malnutrition appeal before
malnutrition appeal before

Amina and Aisha from severe malnutrition and are close to death. They cry all the time, Aisha is 1 one years old, and her weight is 4 kgs, Amina 8 years old weighs only 8 kg.

Unfortunately, their mother cannot afford to buy the essentials for her children. Thanks to your support and our team on the ground, Amina and Aisha have recovered and gained weight. They can run and play with their friends once again. The difference is night and day.

The cost of full treatment per child is £300.