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Idlib Emergency Appeal

"No matter how much I describe to you how terrible the situation is, it is still an understatement." - Syrian Refugee in Idlib

2.9 million innocent civilians, including one million Syrian children are trapped in Idlib. The UN predict up to 700,000 could be displaced if hostilities increase. These are people who have already fled the horrors of war in other areas, having been promised safe haven in Idlib and have nowhere left to run.

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The attack on healthcare has already started. In the past week alone, four medical facilities have been shelled and barrel bombed, destroying ambulances and leaving one hospital fully out of service.

One of the greatest humanitarian tragedies of all times is playing out before our eyes. The victims will be the Syrian children and vulnerable civilians who have already lost so much. As a leading Syrian charity we cannot simply stand by.

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As one of the leading Syrian Charities operating inside Syria for over seven years, we have unique access to hard to reach areas and help the most vulnerable refugees. Our team is on the ground and ready to respond. We just need your help. We will be providing food, shelter, tents and other non-food items.

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Founded by two British born Syrian businessmen HIHFAD has grown to become one of the most well respected and leading charities operating inside Syria.

We work in places others cannot reach, providing aid directly to the most vulnerable Syrian children and refugees, ensuring your donation goes straight to those in most desperate need.

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