Improving access to healthcare

 The Syrian national health system has been devastated. More than half of all hospitals and medical facilities in the country have been destroyed. Access to healthcare is scarce for most civilians.

Many doctors have been forced to flee the country, leaving the few functioning hospitals understaffed and struggling to cope. The only services provided tend to be basic, with no provision for complex physical, psychological and post-trauma needs. 


HIHFAD runs a network of healthcare facilities providing a wide range of services, including reproductive health, trauma care, physiotherapy, prosthetics, management of non-communicable diseases, immunisation Services, intensive care and dialysis services.

HIHFAD has established durable healthcare programmes and developed its capacity to manage hospitals and specialised units. Currently, HIHFAD fully supports over ten primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare facilities.

All HIHFAD health facilities are recognised by the UN as humanitarian de-conflicted locations.

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HIHFAD runs a network of health facilities, including: