Improving access to healthcare

 The Syrian national health system has been devastated. More than half of all hospitals and medical facilities in the country have been destroyed. Access to healthcare is scarce for most civilians.

Many doctors have been forced to flee the country, leaving the few functioning hospitals understaffed and struggling to cope. The only services provided tend to be basic, with no provision for complex physical, psychological and post-trauma needs. Your support is turning this unhappy situation around.

Establishing eight hospitals in eight years

Through your support, we are continuing to establish and operate hospitals and primary healthcare centres. We have specifically designed centres to cater for women and children, as well as providing trauma and rehabilitation centres and dental units, both permanent and in the form of mobile clinics.

Anticipating needs

Our two large, strategic warehouses – located in Idlib and Aleppo – are focused on emergency response. They are a lifeline when emergencies hit. With your donations, we make certain that pre-positioned supplies are always available in anticipation of future food, shelter and medical needs, especially during winter.

Supported by your donations

HIHFAD runs a network of health facilities, including: