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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I donate to Hand in Hand for Syria?

We are one of a very small number of agencies able to operate on the ground inside Syria, therefore we are able to reach some of the most vulnerable people.

Our teams on the ground regularly provide feedback to our operational offices to inform us of the most pressing priorities, to ensure that we provide the aid that is needed the most.

We partner with larger aid agencies and international governments to deliver aid on their behalf. This helps us fund many of our operational costs in Turkey and Syria; meaning your donations are almost always used 100% for humanitarian purposes only.

Isn’t it better to donate to a larger aid agency?

A direct donation to a larger aid agency tends to go to refugees living in camps outside of Syria (such as Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey or Iraq)

Most aid agencies are unable to work in Syria due to the dangers associated with operating inside the country, as well as the risk to personnel. Yet Hand in Hand for Syria employs staff local to the areas that we work in, to ensure smooth delivery of aid, and to empower local communities.

How much of my donation will get through?

Our partnership agreements with NGOs almost always cover all our administration costs in our offices in Turkey and Syria, where our largest teams are based. In our UK office, we employ a small number of staff to keep admin costs low, and primarily rely on Gift Aid to cover our admin costs.

To find out more about how your donations are used at Hand in Hand for Syria, please read the following report by Charities Choice

I’m worried about my donation getting into the wrong hands

Because we rely on our employees rather than volunteers to distribute aid on the ground in Syria, we are able to ensure we oversee all our operations and aid deliveries from start to finish.

Our monitoring and evaluation teams are responsible for monitoring all distributions, ensuring we respond with the most urgent needs, and feeding information back through to our regional offices in Turkey and the UK. We thoroughly document all our distributions to ensure accountability and professionalism at all times. We often share photos and video footage of our distributions on our Facebook and YouTube pages to provide our donors with an insight into our work.

Can I donate to specific projects?

Unless we are running a specific campaign at the time, or we have pre-arranged restricting funds for donors, all donations are channelled into a single emergency fund which is distributed across our programmes. This ensures that the ever-changing priorities on the ground in Syria can be met swiftly and efficiently.

Where can I find your accounts?

Our most recent public accounts can be found on the Charity Commission website.

Can I get a receipt for my donation?

Of course. Just ask at the time of donating, or if you forgot then simply email us.

Do you have any religious affiliation?

No. We distribute aid to whoever needs it. Our priority is to target the worst-hit areas, regardless of the background of who lives there - religious or otherwise.

Do you have an adoption program?

Unfortunately not. Neither do we have associations with any adoption agencies. However, we do have an Orphan sponsorship program – please get in touch for more details.

Can I have the address of the hospitals have built or run?

For security reasons, we can never disclose the exact locations of our hospitals or facilities in Syria.

I’m interested in working with you. What should I do?

We post any vacancies on our Job Opportunities page. If you are interested in volunteering your time or skills then you can read more on our Volunteer page. Unfortunately, we do not currently offer internships.

I’d like to run a fundraising event

Great - visit our Fundraise page for more details.

Can I donate clothing?

We are able to accept donations of clothing on the condition that they are brand new, with tags. You can post your donated items directly to one of our storage facilities in the UK, and we will transport it to Syria. Please contact us for more details and the shipping address.

Please bear in mind that it is usually more cost effective for us to purchase clothing and aid in Turkey, rather than shipping it through the UK. It also arrives in Syria a lot faster, and enables us to keep up with the demands on the ground.

Why don’t you accept used clothing?

Unfortunately we do not have the facilities to manage sorting and storing used items. We transport large containers of aid through Turkey on a monthly basis, and the Turkish authorities require certification that used clothes have been treated at extremely high temperature to sterilize them –unfortunately this is something we are unable to manage.

Can I donate medical equipment?

We welcome donations of medical equipment, especially from hospitals or the medical industry. Please email us with details and we can talk about getting hold of it.

Can I donate unused medicine?

Unfortunately we are unable to accept any donations of medication.

Do you accept donations for Syrian refugees outside of Syria?

We focus almost all of our aid efforts inside Syria, as it is where the need is greatest. There are also many other aid agencies focusing their efforts on refugees outside the country.

What other items of aid can you accept?

The needs on the ground change regularly, please contact us for an up-to-date list of the items we are currently accepting.

Where can I bring donations of aid?

We have storage units in London and Birmingham. Please contact us for details.

Can you collect my donation of aid?

Unfortunately, having a small team in the UK also means we aren’t usually able to collect aid. For larger donations or quantities, we may be able to arrange a collection for you, but this is not guaranteed. Please get in touch to find out more.

Can I donate baby milk/formula?

Unfortunately we are unable to accept donations of baby formula or milk. Our nutrition programmes in Syria also cover the health and wellbeing of young babies and children.
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