"Empower Syrian Kids with a Soccer Pitch"

Syria continues to face one of the most complex emergencies in the world. The past decade has brought about profound changes in the lives of Syrian children, with many having experienced nothing but conflict, and some even being born into it. The future for all children hangs by a thread. (UNICEF).

Even before the devastating earthquakes in February 2023, more than 15.3 million are in need of humanitarian assistance- including 7 million children. Multiple displacements, poverty, and the deterioration of the household economy as well as attacks on education have contributed to depriving them of basic skills. (Save the Children International).

“Al Amal Compound” in Jerablus, located in the northwest of Syria, is one of the prominent projects undertaken by Hand in Hand for Aid and Development in recent years. 

Its primary objective is to bring about a comprehensive transformation in the lives of those impacted by the Syrian crisis. The compound accommodates approximately 100 vulnerable families, including women, children, and people with disabilities. It offers them a dignified life that encompasses shelter, educational facilities, and essential necessities. This is in pursuit of building a brighter future and promoting sustainable change.

Our objective is to offer the children of the compound an opportunity through the establishment of a soccer field, granting them a secure environment for recreation and social engagement. These young ones confront difficult circumstances, often compelled to play in unsafe streets due to the absence of appropriate facilities for sporting activities.

Building a soccer pitch that will serve over 300 children, offering them the opportunity to acquire essential skills and enjoy their leisure time safely. With just a small donation you can be part of something truly special. Let’s unite in our goal to raise £13,000 and create a lasting impact on these deserving children’s lives.