One of the most powerful #earthquakes to hit the Middle East in years has killed scores of people in #Türkiye and #Syria and trapped hundreds more. The quake struck at dawn with a magnitude of 7.8 and an epicenter near the Turkish city of Gaziantep. Authorities said more than 35,000 people were confirmed dead in Turkey and 4300 in neighboring Syria with destruction concentrated in border areas that house millions of refugees. (Media sources).

In a statement was issued by the Civil Defense in northwestern Syria, following the earthquake, the region was declared completely stricken as a result of the catastrophic situation of buildings collapsing, sharp cracks, hundreds of injured and trapped, and dozens of deaths, due to the lack of capabilities and services, the lack of shelters and safe gathering points, stormy and snowy weather conditions, and low temperatures.

Medical sources in the region confirmed that the announced number of victims is related to the ability of the emergency and humanitarian teams to save the lives of those affected, pointing to a preliminary outcome, with the registration of dozens of thousands victims and injured.

What the Emergency Needs:

Hand in Hand for Aid and Development (HiHFAD) operates in Syria northwest and the south of Türkiye managed directly by its regional offices in Gaziantep and Hatay. We URGENTLY call you NOW to contribute to saving hundreds of lives, helping the injured and those affected by the severe earthquake by supporting them with:

  • Fuel to the Medical Facilities: $ 1.2
  • Tents: $ 200
  • Blankets: $ 6.5
  • Mattresses: $ 14
  • Tarpaulins: $ 16
  • Ready to Eat Meals: $ 5

More wasted time means more lives lost!