Emergency Aid

Responding to immediate dangers

After eight years of war, an estimated 11.7m Syrians still depend on aid for survival. Two million Syrians are living in areas affected by explosive hazards, exposing them to serious risks and threats to life. Now as much as ever, your donations are saving lives.

As a charity with a strong Syrian network, we know how and where to help, and provide an immediate co-ordinated response to emergencies. This includes supporting evacuees, establishing emergency shelters and distributing vital supplies.

Providing shelter

6.3m Syrians are internally displaced and have been forced to live in makeshift accommodation in dire conditions. We review this ongoing need for shelter, blankets, living essentials and emergency food and water. Millions have been displaced in the long term by the crisis. You’re helping resettle them.

Anticipating needs

Our two large, strategic warehouses – located in Idlib and Aleppo – are focused on emergency response. They are a lifeline when emergencies hit. With your donations, we make certain that pre-positioned supplies are always available in anticipation of future food, shelter and medical needs, especially during winter.

Supporting displaced persons

In always being ready and prepared to make aid available, we are providing the exact supplies people need at the time they need it most. In particular, we:

  • provide tents, shelter and blankets
  • distribute food baskets each month
  • issue other non-food items
  • ensure access to water and sanitation
  • help establish displacement and refugee camps