Improving children’s future

A hidden tragedy of the war is that even now over 2m school-aged children in Syria are unable to go to school. For those born during the war, the likelihood is they have never attended a day of school in their lives. Your generous support is helping reverse this continuing catastrophe.

Providing valuable learning

We are passionate about giving children a safe space to learn, play and connect. Thanks to your donations, we’re taking giant strides in helping the children born into war to gain the education, skills and opportunities they need to grow into the adults who will rebuild their country.

Building educational environments

Like much of Syria’s infrastructure, schools and educational facilities have suffered catastrophic damage. Many have been destroyed, and others currently serve as makeshift shelters. We are providing educational opportunities no matter how difficult the environment. In particular, your continuing support gives us the means to:
  • £20 = medical supplies and fuel
  • £30 = food basket for a family of six for one month
  • £40 = tent, mattress and blankets
  • £40 = tent, mattress and blankets