Livelihood and Community Support

Building new livelihoods

Whole communities have been torn apart by the conflict. As a result, much of our work goes beyond meeting emergency needs, and is focused on building the hopes and future livelihoods of communities throughout Syria.

Creating opportunity

When looking at how to help Syria, we recognise that many have been forced to abandon their studies or careers. Millions of children have been forced out of education, millions of adults have lost their jobs. Your support enables us to rebuild an educational infrastructure which provides learning for children and adults alike.

Restoring hope

Your support empowers and rebuilds Syrian lives. It means providing access to clean water, food and healthcare. It means restoring hope, creating opportunities and fostering an environment that will help communities re-establish themselves. It means restoring dignity to the Syrian individual, as a human being and as a person with potential.

You can decide the level of your support:

  • £100 = To support a farmer to farm 2 acres of vegetables
  • £310 = To support a farmer to farm 10 acres of wheat