Food security and Community Support

Building new livelihoods

Whole communities have been torn apart by the conflict. As a result, much of our work goes beyond meeting emergency needs, and is focused on building the hopes and future livelihoods of communities throughout Syria.


HIHFAD food baskets ensure a healthy and nutritious diet in line with international standards, one of our core aims. Our efforts include setting up kitchens to provide cooked meals in emergencies and providing fresh meat and dates during Ramadan. The contents of the food baskets are selected following a consultation with a sample of the targeted benefi- ciaries and in response to needs assessments and considering the post-distribution monitoring results to respond to the comments fromthe beneficiaries. These food baskets are also available for emergency distribution if needed.

Ready-to-Eat meals (RTEs) are available for people that suffer sudden displacement, where no kitchen is needed to prepare these meals, and they do not need to be cooked.

HIHFAD support local bakeries by providing flour and running costs.

Daily bundles of bread are distributed across camps, free of charge; the beneficiaries are provided withfresh bread packets daily.

HIHFAD livelihood projects attempt to reduce the burden and suffering of farmers by offering vouchers to help farmers source seeds, fertilisers, and pesticides as well as irrigation vouchers to help farmers obtain high yields at the lowest costs that are, also, to provide training sessions on good agricultural practices to the farmers and related field entities, also HIHFAD is supporting the value chain of the agriculture by supporting the chain from cultivating to the end of it which is the marketing of the yield.

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Restoring hope

Your support empowers and rebuilds Syrian lives. It means providing access to clean water, food and healthcare. It means restoring hope, creating opportunities and fostering an environment that will help communities re-establish themselves. It means restoring dignity to the Syrian individual, as a human being and as a person with potential.

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