Cholera is rapidly spreading throughout Syria. As a cholera outbreak strains Syria’s fractured health system, Hand in Hand for Aid and Development is on the ground in the hardest to reach areas. Millions of Syrians are at risk of contracting cholera. On September 19th, health authorities confirmed the first cholera case in northwest Syria in the Aleppo countryside and the numbers continue to rise with no end in sight. If not treated cholera can cause profuse diarrhoea and vomiting, which can lead to death by intense dehydration, sometimes within a matter of hours.

The UN has warned of high mortalities if cholera spreads in the densely populated strip, where tens of thousands of displaced Syrians live in dire conditions with limited supplies of safe water and sanitation. We need your help to provide clean water, treating cholera cases, have prepared a task force of specialists who will play a vital role in the prevention of Cholera further spread in Syria by promoting the risk of Cholera and the prevention measures in camps.

Without an end in sight to the 11-year-long conflict in Syria, these devastating preventable disease outbreaks will continue to increase, and first and foremost affect the most vulnerable civilians.

Cholera can be fatal, but it can also be treated. That’s why we need your help today! 

Donations to this emergency appeal will help save lives. Our teams are on the ground delivering life-saving aid. Your donations will save Syria from another catastrophe.

  • £7 will provide a family with clean water for one month
  • £75 will provide treatment for someone with Cholera

    Your generosity will make an immediate impact on the lives of Syrians affected.