Hand in Hand for Aid and Development (HiHFAD) aspires to advocate for the Syrian people’s cause globally by shedding light on the humanitarian miserable reality and highlighting the important role of the implemented response by agencies whenever we get the chance. While our advocacy, media and communications department has the unique ability to give the Syrian people in the hardest-hit areas a voice once again – allowing them to tell their own stories- the team produce high-quality multimedia materials in many languages and provides content that is guided by international humanitarian standards, as well as by the foundation adopted policies to international media agencies, donors, partners and other stakeholders.

HIHFAD actively participates in global platforms for advocacy, providing field-oriented information to global decision-makers advocating lessons learned and approaches at technical meetings. We take the lead on advocacy as members of the Steering Committee for Syrian NGO Alliance SNA and the Northwest Syria NGO Forum, and active members of:

  • SIRF (Syria INGO Regional Forum)
  • Diaspora Emergency Action & Coordination DEMAC
  • Network for Empowered Aid Response NEAR
  • SNA Advocacy Working Group AWG
  • Syrian Network League SNL AWG
  • Health Cluster AWG
  • FSL Cluster AWG