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365 for Syria

Looking to make a positive change in the world this year?
Look no further!

We’re offering you the opportunity to empower and rebuild lives in Syria – Yes, really!

We work on the ground in Syria, improving the lives of internally-displaced people and families in need. Our projects cover everything from healthcare, to food security and training sessions to empower people with life skills.

We need your help to make an even-bigger impact on the lives of people in Syria – and it starts with just £365.

365 for Syria

Join the #365ForSyria challenge and pledge to raise £365 for Syria over the course of 2019. We'll take the funds you raise and use them to empower and rebuild lives on the ground, in Syria!

Here are some of the things £365 could pay for

Fundraising Ideas for some inspiration on how you can raise the £365 https://hihfad.org/365-fundraising-ideas

We’ll be there to support and guide you along the way until you reach your goal.

Pledge today!


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