Over 15 million people in Syria are in desperate need of humanitarian aid to survive. They lack access to essential medical services, clean water, food, shelter, and basic protection. The situation is dire, especially for vulnerable populations in the north-west, where 4.1 million out of 4.6 million people are facing critical hardships, with nearly 80% of them being women and children.

Imagine not having access to clean water or proper medical care when you need it the most.

Unfortunately, more than 1,100 camps are not connected to a water network. Consequently, these camps rely heavily on water trucking as their primary source of water supply. (UNOCHA).

As the scorching summer intensifies, vulnerable families face a severe water shortage.

£1 can provide 1000 liters of clean water for a family.
Join us in making a direct impact and bring hope to those in need.