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Live Appeals

Syria still needs you

People across Syria remain desperately vulnerable, struggling to survive without food, without shelter, without medical aid, without even the basics we all take for granted.


Zakat is the third of the five pillars of Islam (also known as Zakah). It is a compulsory payment of 2.5% of our total savings and wealth. HIHFAD supports those in need by bringing aid to the most deprived areas where your Zakat could be well delivered.

We’re making a difference

After eight long years, despite a reduction in violence over the last year, past and current hostilities mean HIHFAD teams continue to work tirelessly across Syria to help avert this impending humanitarian disaster.

So how can you help?

// Donate now
100% of your donation goes immediately to Syrians most in need. Donate money. Donate clothes. Donate medical aid or food. Every little makes a difference.

// Fundraise

The money you raise will help pay for food, shelter, and other basic needs which are not being met, and which are leaving ordinary Syrians in untold misery.

// Volunteer

         Your support as a volunteer can do so much to help. From helping in the office, to offering your skills, to spreading the word online, your time creates change.       

Success Stories

Donate Today To Help Save Lives in Syria

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