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Help us Save Lives this Winter
Our extensive network of staff working on the ground in Syria means we are able to support some of the hardest-hit areas. Put your hands with ours and help us provide life-saving humanitarian aid. Find out more.

SOS CALL FOR IDLIB As hostilities escalate, the situation in North West Syria has become unbearable, as the city has been choked by brutal bombardment

Over 200,000 people have been displaced in Idlib, and airstrikes target the city daily. As well as destroying homes, these attacks have struck 23 hospitals and 9 schools, including the HIHFAD hospital in Kofr Nobl, which was hit by six targeted airstrikes on the eve of Ramadan, killing 2 patients and halting medical services to a population of over one million civilians.

We refuse to abandon the people of Syria when they need us the most. Civilians are in urgent need of food, shelter and humanitarian assistance, as thousands remain trapped with nowhere to turn to. Camps along the Turkish border are full, and many have to seek safety in open farmland with the sky as their only shelter.


Our work in Idlib has been both challenging and essential, yet now our presence is needed more than ever. We are working on an emergency coordinated response providing food provision, alongside shelter and other non-food items, as well as medical assistance through mobile clinics.


Access to clean water is vital for all. HIHFAD helps communities by providing clean water, restoring water networks and sewage systems, supporting water wells and providing pre-fabricated washrooms and toilets to camps and displaced communities.


The hospital serves over one million people in the Idlib province of Syria, providing essential services including surgical and reproductive health services to a war struck population.
Donate to HIHFAD today to help us rebuild Kofr Nobol.

Holistic Nutrition

Malnutrition in Syria remains a serious concern, especially among pregnant women, newborns, infants and young children. Low food security in the country has put pregnant and breastfeeding women at high risk, increasing the rate of birth defects among newborns and stunting childhood development.

HIHFAD has been running a holistic nutrition program targeting young children under five years old since 2015. We are addressing nutritional gaps through preventative and curative practices with a focus on both local and IDP communities who are living in unstable conditions with limited income. Our nutrition program also targets pregnant and lactating women.

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Projects | Protection

Within programming, HIHFAD prioritises vulnerable groups such as newly displaced populations, female-headed households, orphans, people with disabilities, and survivors with war related injuries.

Our aim is to increase the resilience of communities in hard-to-reach areas and we outwork this in a number of ways. Firstly, mobile outreach support is provided through multidisciplinary teams (physiotherapists, psychosocial workers and nurses) to people without access to regular health services.

The umbrella of protection extends to awareness sessions, and we have over three years of experience in conducting risk awareness sessions for adults and children and in collecting Explosive Weapons of War-related incident data.

Lastly, we support the most vulnerable of Syrian refugees living in Turkey through homes for orphans and widows which we fund and manage, as well as rehabilitation centres.

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